Your Birthday Flower

What is your Birthday Flower?


Assigning meanings and months to plants is an ancient tradition perpetuated through folklore in cultures across the world. These meanings and correspondences were often alluded to in old texts, drawings, paintings and songs. Flowers usually hold universal meaning pertaining to beauty and life, but as a gift, it can be even more special if the flowers are chosen according to their symbolism and corresponding month. Often different colors add a different dimension of meaning.

Below is a basic guide with flowers, their genus names, and their significance for each month of the year. Choose your bouquet or arrangement accordingly for a deeply meaningful, personal gift or decoration of beauty.


Carnation, Dianthus
Love, beauty, distinction/pride, fascination. Flower of the gods.
Red carnation: deep love.
Pink carnation: a woman or mother’s love.
White carnation: purity, innocence.
Violet, Viola Reichenbachiana
Mystical awareness, inspiration
Purple violets: Daydreaming, Sapphic love.
Blue violets: modesty, faithfulness.
White violets: modesty.
Daffodil, Narcissus
Creativity, inspiration, inner reflection, rebirth. Respect. ‘Return my love’.
Daisy/gerbera, Bellis Perennis
Innocence, simplicity, cheerfulness, grace, purity, transformation.
Lily of the Valley, Convallaria Majalis
Return of happiness and sweetness, trust, humility
Rose, Genus Rosa
Red rose: true love.
Pink rose: grace, gratitude Yellow rose: friendship, apology, intense emotion
White rose: innocence, wistfulness, purity, secrecy
Blue roses: mystery, attaining the impossible, love at first sight.
Larkspur, Delphinium
Cheerfulness, goodwill, protection. Levity, fun, big-hearted, ardent attachment, joy
Gladiolus, Gladiolus Communis
Infatuation, remembrance, conviction, and strong character.
Aster, Aster Amellus
Enchantment, protection against evil, patience, elegance. A talisman of love
Marigolds, Tagetes
Passion, creativity, ‘herb of the sun’.
Chrysanthemums, Chrysanthemum Indicum
Happiness, optimism, joy, fidelity, longevity. Says ‘I love you’
Pointsettia, Euphorbia Pulcherrima
Star of Bethlehem, purity, joy, hope, holiness