About us

"With a fabulous NYC showroom and a reputation for excellence and creativity, Flowers and Creations NYC is firmly established as the first choice florist for the discerning floral designers”

Sebastien Barrancos and Jerome Briday both started their careers in Lyon, France. Advancing in the artistic field, they both improved their technique and knowledge of the flower with the SEPR Horticulture  & Floral Design school in Lyon. Both men were determined to bring their French expertise to New York City.

Flowers & Creations has one simple goal, to create innovative and beautiful floral designs using the finest quality flowers. Using techniques and styles from France, these gorgeous flower bouquets are the perfect gift for any special occasion with fast delivery guaranteed. Sebastien and Jerome have mastered the unique balance between current trends and their own French twist on all of their flower bouquets. Whether you're looking for a flower bouquet to add vibrant colors to your own life, or you want to remind someone just how much you love them, Flowers & Creations does it all.

With Sebastien and Jerome leading the way with their fresh take on floral design, Flowers & Creations is a new and exciting way to celebrate every holiday through lavish and lively flower bouquets delivered right to your front door. Working hard alongside Sebastien and Jerome is an incredible team composed of homegrown and international florists dedicated to bringing you new and trendy floral designs.

Flowers & Creations prides themselves on excellent customer service and providing a one of a kind experience. Not only do they provide their own flower delivery in New York City, but they guarantee satisfaction to all of their customers. Flowers & Creations offers a unique look on flower bouquets that you can only find in New York City.