"When it comes to creating awe-inspiring flower arrangements and backdrops we have unrivaled knowledge and experience."

Flower installations are a fundamental ingredient to any event, creativity being of the utmost importance. Flowers & Creations recognises that truly successful events stem from meticulous planning and organisation.

For all your events...


Give the gift of fresh beauty to accompany your sincere birthday wishes! Or decorate for a spectacular birthday party with centerpieces and exquisite arrangements of your unique birth month flower. What flower matches your birthday? Let us do the research and help you make this occasion beautifully memorable!


The solemn promise to marry your beloved is an occasion worthy of celebration! Decorate for the party with a gorgeous red rose arrangement, or send a heart-shaped bouquet to your betrothed on this happy day.


All important milestones deserve a congratulatory gift, and none is as universally welcome as a flower arrangement! Send your best congratulatory wishes with a bouquet of daffodils or gladiolas that will warm any heart.


Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, or any other special remembrance day, we can make it not only beautiful, but also meaningful with suitable flower arrangements. Choose fresh and strong carnations for a first wedding anniversary, or delicate-yet-strong daisies for a fifth one. We will prepare the perfect party decorations or gifts for this special day.


Nothing says “This is a special day!” quite like unique and stunning flower arrangements at a wedding! Make sure yours is spectacular with a hand bouquet and arrangements of popular roses. Or decorate with symbolic flowers that suit your style, such as calla/arum lilies that signifies magnificent beauty. Whatever your preference, we go out of our way to make this day as special for you as you deserve it to be.


Life takes happy and sad turns, that’s a given for every person. What makes us get through the hard times is others’ support. Show your support and sympathy in difficult times with an arrangement of white orchids, roses or irises. Or commemorate a beloved’s happy memories at a funeral with our special white-flower arrangements. We take extra care to convey your unique message.


New home? Congratulations! You need to celebrate, and infuse your new space with colorful beauty! Do it in style with an arrangement of poppies that signifies ‘happy years’. Or choose a fresh hydrangea arrangement to wish someone well in their new home.

New baby

Nothing says ‘Welcome!’ better and more beautifully than flowers. Spoil the new mom with an arrangement of joyful daisies for the hospital bedside, or choose a bouquet of delicate white carnations for the baby’s room. They signify good luck and pure love - stunning wishes for this new life!

Thank you

Just the words ‘Thank you’ will bring a smile to the recipient’s heart - imagine what a gorgeous flower arrangement will do! Deeply felt gratitude deserves to be expressed with the most beautiful pink or peach mixed blooms. Or choose a bouquet of fragrant, cheerful sweet peas that says: ‘Thank you for a lovely time’. Your message cannot go wrong with flowers.